Bay Area Rapid Transit and Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

Link21 Branding and Engagement

Introducing a more connected future

Client BART & Capitol Corridor
Year 2019 - Present
Project Type Comprehensive
The Services

Key services for this project

  • Engagement strategy
  • Brand development
  • Product development & management
  • Content creation
  • Stakeholder and public outreach
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Web and content interactivity
  • Equity strategy

A Train to the Future

Link21 is a program of projects that will transform the passenger rail system in the Northern California megaregion. One major project is a new transbay passenger rail crossing between Oakland and San Francisco, but there will likely be network improvements across Northern California that support train service through the new crossing.

Alongside HNTB and other partners and team members, Convey is developing and implementing an innovative communications and engagement strategy for this pivotal megaproject.

Passengers commuting on a train

Presenting people with possibilities

How do you inform and engage one of largest and most diverse megaregions in the United States? How do you brand a megaproject in its early planning phase when so few details have been defined?

Our goal has been to showcase the need for - and the innovative thought behind - Link21 and highlight what it stands for: a better, more connected, and equitable future for Northern California.

Link21 branding campaign collateral

Think linked

To bring our partners and the public on board with the vision of Link21, Convey occupies a key role in crafting the communications and outreach strategy. We developed comprehensive, integrated, and sophisticated communications systems, using tracking tools, big data, social listening, and unique online and offline engagement protocols to deliver the Link21 message and carefully monitor its dissemination.

To create Link21’s visual identity, Convey led a collaborative and creative brand development process with the program partners and team. We then articulated the Link21 story by applying our visual storytelling across digital spaces, bringing the Link21 brand to life.

Because equity lives at the center of Link21, Convey provided behind-the-scenes support to a co-creation strategy to build respectful and interactive partnerships with prospective and underserved communities in the megaregion, collaboratively designing the program from the ground-up.


Now arriving at excellence

Clever Brilliance

Consensus created

Our creative process is where inspiration meets rigor. We implemented a streamlined communications strategy to distill complex program messaging and synthesize multiple streams of information into public-friendly materials.

Dynamic look to evoke action

Data-driven, digital beauty

Convey and Kalamuna brought the Link21 website to life. As the program’s primary engagement tool, the website generates national momentum for the program’s mission and serves as a primary source of information for the general public, partners, elected officials, the business community, and members of the press. The site features a creative, accessible, and intuitive user experience that makes technical information easy to understand and encourages visitors to learn more and get involved.

Every AdWords counts

Engaging with excellence for equitable outcomes

Link21’s unique co-creation strategy ensures community voices guide program development at every stage. Convey orchestrates the program’s partnership with local community-based organizations to create a passenger rail program with a strong and long-lasting foundation of equity that sets new standards for program development.

Link21 Connect Northern California
In Conclusion

A few of our favorite things

  • Our team led the brainstorming efforts to develop the Link21 name, tagline, and brand identity
  • We expect to make the method of infusing equity into the process a model that can be used nationwide
  • We made the Link21 website data-driven, accessible, and public friendly
  • The approach we’ve instituted for building communications systems will serve the program for years to come
  • At a highly visible public event, David Kim, Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency, called Link21 a “game-changer” for the megaregion